To meat or not to meat…

So, in the last couple of years, I have explored several life choices with regard to sustenance.

Netflix, YouTube and magazines fill our minds with compelling arguments on the best way to live our lives and nourish our bodies while preserving our world and the living things we share it with.

My husband, Keith, bless his amazing heart is always willing to hop aboard my “plan of the week” wagon.

Diet wise, I had my meat-eating red blooded man eat vegetarian-only meals for two weeks. We did okay, he didn’t complain. I grew tired, in my inexperience, trying to come up with a variety of recipes. I’m sure this would only have improved over time. My conscience felt at peace that I wasn’t killing some poor domestic livestock and reducing the carbon impact I was having on the planet.

Paleo – I probably found this the most satisfying plan. Meat and veggies are the mainstays. Grains and dairy are eschewed. Low to no sugar was also encouraged in this plan. We felt satisfied and it was pretty easy to follow.

You can explore other plans, but like most things, moderation is really the key for us. Do we have to eat meat every meal? Definitely not. We probably consume way more than our bodies need.

Do I enjoy a good burger one in awhile? Absolutely, which is why I was pleasantly surprised that A & W has nailed it with their meat free burger. Well done!